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Medium Winch
File:Winch Medium.jpg
Prerequisite Rescue Equipment
Mass 20
Dimensions 3×3×2
Cost $250
Logic inputs On/Off (Winch Up, Winch Down)
Logic outputs Number (Cable length)
Connections Electric (Electric), Fluid (Fluid)
Adjustable parameters Speed

The medium winch has a cable length of 40 meters.

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Version history[]

  • V0.2.1: Fix - winch slip reduced
  • V0.1.32: Feature - Winches will now extend when pulled with enough force
  • V0.1.22: Fix - Fixed winches not working properly after loading a saved game
  • V0.1.18: Fix - winch cables are no longer too heavy to lift
  • V0.1.6: Fix - ends of winches no longer float around in low gravity