Stormworks: Build and Rescue Wiki

North Harbor viewed facing WNW. Harbor workbench on the right near the fuel tank. Train workbench is the second station from the left. Outpost control van is near the bottom of the image.

North Harbor is a harbor on the northern coast of the Sawyer Islands, roughly in the middle of the eastern and western ends.


The site can be purchased for $60,000, granting access to its a harbor workbench for editing large ships of up to 56.75 m (227 blocks) L x 21.75m (87 blocks) W x 19.75 m (79 blocks) tall and a train station with four depots and a workbench on the depot second from the southern-most one.

It has a road connection to the Dean Hall Mining Company about 3 km away where coal can be purchased at a relatively low price (about $1.5-2). It also has about a dozen shipping containers which can be transported to other train/harbor terminals for sums of money generally varying between $3,000 for short trips or up to $30,000+ for long trips, like the BVG Logistics depot. The rails also connect to a nearby coal dropoff close to O'Neill airbase where coal can be sold for a moderate price (~$4-5).

With the Weapons DLC, North Harbor also features an outpost control van. If the site is captured by the enemy, enemy vehicles will spawn at North Harbor until the player captures the site by clearing nearby enemies and staying in the van until the site reaches 100% captured. Note that the player can still purchase the harbor to spawn vehicles using the train or harbor workbench even if has been captured by the enemy; they just risk being shot at in the process.