Stormworks: Build and Rescue Wiki
Note weight of 2,200 units (22,000 kg) shown on left side.

Standard shipping container (fluid tank style)

Shipping containers can be found at freight terminals in Stormworks, and can be transported to other terminals for various amounts of money. Short trips may earn as little as $1,000. Longer trips, like from the Sawyer Island's North Harbor up to the BVG Logistics Depot in the arctic can earn $18,000 - $46,000+.


All built-in shipping containers follow the same standard configuration as described below.


11 blocks tall x 11 blocks wide x 29 blocks long (2.75 x 2.75 x 7.25 meters).


They have electric connectors facing upward at each of the top corners, as well as electric connectors recessed one block inwards (lengthwise) from each of the corners at the bottom, with these connectors facing outward (lengthwise). On the square faces at both ends, there are buttons to turn the connectors on/off, with one at the top (controlling the top connectors) and one at the bottom (controlling the bottom connectors). Indicator lights show whether or not the connectors are active: red is off, green is on.

Rope anchors[]

At the top corners, there are four rope anchors, just inside (lengthwise) from the electric connectors.

Sliding connector tracks[]

There are sliding connector tracks facing downward along the bottom on both long edges, ending at the electric connectors.

Patch notes[]


  • Rework - Cargo container design rework (Toggle buttons for connectors)


  • Fix - Fixed some terrain issues at container depot, shipbreaking yard and arctic outpost


  • Feature - Added arctic biome with new islands to explore including a second "mega island" (located roughly 100km north of the main spawn area)