Stormworks: Build and Rescue Wiki

V1.3.0 of Stormworks: Build and Rescue was released on October 5th, 2021.


  • Feature - [DLC] Modular Vehicle Weapons
  • Feature - [DLC] Handheld Weapons
  • Feature - [DLC] Conquest Mode Addon
  • Feature - New Handle Seat
  • Feature - Multiplayer Optimization Pass and Networking Layer Fixes
  • Feature - Logic/Render Thread Optimization Pass
  • Feature - Addon editor Generic Graph Nodes and Links
  • Feature - Advanced AI Pathing using Addon Nodes and Links
  • Feature - Screen Shake Improvements and Settings
  • [DLC] Features:
    • Explosive and EMP Warhead Blocks
    • Modular Machine Guns, Cannons and Autocannons
    • Rocket Launchers
    • Modular Ammo Feeding System, Handheld Ammo Boxes and Shells
    • Handheld Equipment Hand Grenade and C4
    • Handheld Equipment SMG, Rifle, Pistol and Speargun
  • Ammunition Payloads:
    • Kinetic - Basic direct impact damage, Cheaper than other ammo types
    • High Explosive - Large splash radius around the impact
    • Fragmentation - Small splash radius, Spawns secondary projectiles
    • Armor Piercing - Less base damage, Penetrates through vehicle blocks based on velocity
    • Incendiary - Less base damage, chance to start fires on vehicle blocks
  • Rework - Hitbox reworks and headshots
  • Rework - Radars now output and input using turns instead of radians/degrees
  • Rework - Improved soundscape and audio filtering
  • Rework - Players now take damage while incapacitated, shortening the window in which they can be revived
  • Rework - Reloading handheld equipment with secondary fire applies to - flareguns, spearguns, pistol, smg, rifle
  • Balance - Radar max ranges increased 10x
  • Fix - Damaged rope anchors no longer continue to transfer data/electric
  • Fix - Increased follower tether range in MP to compensate for server side inconsistencies
  • Fix - Vehicle save thumbnails being very zoomed in
  • Fix - Jet engines no longer flood when vehicle damage is disabled
  • Fix - Jet engines no longer overheat when engine overheating is disabled
  • Fix - Infinite spawning issue in multiplayer
  • Fix - onVehicleUnload not being called for vehicles that are force despawned by the game
  • Fix - Vehicles occasionally loading outside of load range; becoming stuck
  • Fix - Removed 4 non-functional tiles from the addon editor
  • Fix - Radars missing from research group
  • Fix - Radar rendering issues
  • Fix - Greatly reduce radar random noise
  • Fix - Missing buoyancy surfaces on radars
  • Fix - Missing Pitch Angle slider on radars
  • Fix - MP health/incapacitated desync after respawning

The train track tiles have now been included in the Addon Editor.

  • Addons:
    • Documentation has been refactored into several new tabs for easier browsing.
    • Addon zones now have a direction indicator
    • Added the trainline tileset to the available tiles.
    • Improved the speed of object lookup functions.
    • PathFindOcean now uses custom paths definde with the "ocean_path" tag, and a default paths playlist has been added.
  • Added setAITargetVehicle(vehicle_id)
  • Added setAITargetCharacter(object_id)
  • Added ISLAND = getStartIsland() (ISLAND = {name, x, y, z})
  • Added is_local = server.getVehicleLocal(vehicle_id)

getVehicleLocal is now used in the default scripts as protection while a vehicle is loading

  • New AI Plane Pilot mode 2 - Gun Run
  • New AI Heli Pilot mode 3 - Gun Run
  • New Gunner AI Type - Aims and shoots at the target char/vehicle, accounting for drop/range of a linked weapon.
  • New Designator AI Type - Aims a camera at the target char/vehicle, pulling the Trigger when locked on.

(Weapons/Cameras can be linked to a seat by naming them identically)

  • Added several new icons to addMapObject.
  • All map object icons now render their radius if the value is > 1.
  • addMapObject and addMapLine now have optional rgba parameters.
  • The new Weapons DLC gamemode script contains a guide to adding your own vehicles for the AI to command