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  • Air IS a fluid, however you can only pump it into premade tanks.


  • T-Pieces reduce the maximum flow in a pipe


  • Fluids cannot be mixed in a tank. That means you cannot pump diesel into a tank with water in it. You can also not pump diesel from a tank into the ocean.
  • Custom fluid tanks: it is a container made out of blocks/components. Not every block is waterproof (e.g. jet turbines) so try to use the more basic blocks to create your tanks (cubes, wedges). By using wedges instead of blocks you can add more fuel capacity. Reason: the wedge is only half a cube so it can give you 8 liters fuel while a cube gives you 0. Just place the wedge so the flat part is the outside of the tank and the sharp corner is the inside of the tank. Similarly, using micro controllers, windows, or any other seal-able blocks that take up less than an entire block's worth of volume will increase the capacity of a tank without increasing its size. Micro controllers and windows will increase the capacity the greatest amount.
  • Finding a leak in your tank: When you are missing a block and the hull of your fluid tank has a hole it is not a tank. Just put a fluid meter into the tank and connect its capacity output to a digital display. If the display says 0 you have a leak. Now you can add walls to divide your tank into two parts. Give every part its own fluid meter + digital display to see which part has the leak. If one side is still displaying 0 divide that tank again with a wall and so on...
  • Small Fluid Tanks take up a 1x1x2 space and have a set capacity (currently) of 31.25 (15.625 per 'block'). Medium Fluid Tanks take up 2x2x3 space and have a set capacity of 187.50 (15.625 per 'block'.) However, Large Fluid Tanks take 3x3x5 space and have a capacity of ~705 (~15.667 per 'block'.) [Large Fluid Tanks have a better space to capacity ratio out of all preset fluid storage solutions.]


  • If you connect more than one pump to a tank the fluid flow will increase not like you would expect. When using two pumps instead of one your flow will be 1.5 x the flow of a single pump. So every additional pump you will add has less efficiency than the one before. Use multiple tanks with dedicated pumps to have maximum flow.

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