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Lift   [ edit page ]

  • Wings produce lift/force into a specific direction. If you place the wings upside down you will generate downforce. While this can be nice for racecars it may crash your airplane!
Wing Lift.jpg
  • Because of a bug, wings and control surfaces that are placed on bodies with hinges/pivots/tracks do not produce lift/force when the source of thrust (e.g. jet engine) is not on the same body.
  • Custom wings also do not produce as much lift, another thing to consider is that if you want a fuel tank in the wings, you better use custom wings, however if you want to make a 2 block thick wing, you could use the template, but the problem is that if you want pipes in the wing, its not going to work, as the wing is an entire block, which sucks. Same with 1 block. And if your are making a massive build, you don't need to worry about wings.