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Logic   [ edit page ]

Logics are needed to control your vehicles.


The Stormworks logic building is operated by a connection between 2 logic nodes. There are 6 categories of logic connections: electrical, data, composite, video, audio, & rope.


Electrical nodes are a standard yellow color. With infinite electric disabled, all components must be attached to electricity: most conveniently, in the form of a battery. A benefit of electrical nodes is that there is no designated input and output. Instead, the node can easily just be connected to one another.


The standard data nodes come in 2 colors, red and green (the 2 colors most difficult for colorblind people to tell apart). The red data nodes are for on/off connections, while the green data nodes are for numerical connections. An on/off data node must be connected to another on/off data node. A number data node must be connected to another number data node.


Composite node are a purple color. For composite data to be utilized, a microcontroller must be used to convert the signal into other logic nodes. Many component have a composite output; however, this output will not always need to be used.


Video nodes are a light blue color. Video can be taken from a camera and sent to a monitor, and lua can be used to add to a video.


Audio nodes are a yellowish, brownish color. Audio can be connected between microphones and speakers.


Rope nodes are a black color. Ropes can be attached between nodes in a similar way to the way electrical nodes are connected. The ropes connecting between these nodes will only be seen once a vehicle is spawned.

For all of the logic nodes other than electrical and rope, the nodes must be connected between an input and an output. The logic output node of a component is the smaller dot, without a hole in it. The logic input of a component is the larger circle, with a hole in it. The only way a logic connection will work is if an output is connected to an input of the same color (ie: for video that would be blue small dot connected to blue larger circle.

In the video below, there is a tutorial: