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Lua is used in script components. It can read and write composite data, so it can do the same stuff other logic components can do, but in a programatic way.

It can also draw stuff on a monitor or over a camera feed.

If you need more assistance or have more questions, you can always join the Official Stormworks Discord and ask your questions in the #lua channel.

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Tools to program Lua scripts


In case you already know a little bit, or watched one of those tutorials, you can use this website to program scripts.

Advantages compared to the original editor in game

  • undo/redo function
  • autocompletion
  • debug scripts with print()
  • zooming
  • simulate inputs and properties
  • minifier
  • UI Builder
  • share scripts with other people

VSCode Extension

For those who wish to take their Lua further, an extension has been created for VSCode - a professional development environment.

You can use this to develop lua scripts on Windows (Note, Mac and Linux are not yet supported)

Download here, or search "Stormworks" in VSCode:

Advantages over the ingame editor, and online editing tools:

  • Full debugger support with breakpoints
  • Full intellisense/code-hinting
  • Ability to organise code into libraries and re-use functions across multiple scripts
  • More powerful Stormworks Minifier
  • More accurate Stormworks Simulator
  • Multi-screen & Multi-MC simulation support
  • As a desktop tool:
    • Can more easily store code on github
    • Can more easily chain build processes with other tools
  • EmmyLua type hinting
  • Redundancy Remover syntax
  • Access to built-in utilities library, including Vector math library

See the quick feature rundown here:

Lua Video Tutorial