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Follow this guide to create new wiki pages:

Basic Rules

  • Only change content between {{Wiki_Page | contents= and }}
  • this will apply the default wiki page template
  • use the preview button on the bottom of the page to see your new page with the wiki template

Using templates for your wiki page

There are a bunch of templates ready to be used by you:


Used to create a list of subpages this page has. Example:

{{Wiki_Page/subpages|Guides|Game Mechanics|Gamemodes|Vehicles|Missions|Building|World|Multiplayer|Key Assignment||||||}}

If you do not use all 15 possible entries, leave the pipes at the end of the template like in above example.

Empty subpages list:

Embed Videos

Several services are supported | Full list].
Example: Youtube


That's it, happy editing!

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