Stormworks: Build and Rescue Wiki

In Stormworks: Build and Rescue, players can take their custom-designed vehicles on various missions.

Missions range anywhere from basic deliveries, requiring only a simple creation, to perilous ocean rescue missions, requiring advanced vehicles with logic systems as well as land side missions where vehicles are provided to you like cranes or forklifts. Missions are separated into playlists, and all missions in the playlist are related to the company/location, and are often located in the same place each mission, for example the Skye Power Company playlist has you delivering equipment to their nuclear power plant and storing nuclear waste in said power plant.

Please note that this list does not include old and discontinued missions; An example being the original crate mission in the tutorial.

Arctic Mining[ | ]

  • Mining Drill Explosion
  • Fuel Train Wreckage
  • Broken Down Train
  • Missing Train

Arctic Search and Rescue[ | ]

  • Oil Tanker Rescue
  • Climbing Accident
  • Trapped Divers
  • Plane Crash
  • Trapped Research Vessel
  • Stranded Swimmer

Arctic Survey[ | ]

  • Retrieve Ice Samples
  • Capture Sharks

Brilliant Fuels Oil[ | ]

  • Deliver Large Rig Component
  • Downed Helicopter
  • Transfer Crew
  • Tow Tanker
  • Rig Emergency

Clam Oil Company[ | ]

  • Medivac Ship Worker
  • Medivac Rig Worker
  • Retrieve Oil Rig Part
  • Transport Rig Inspectors
  • Install Well Sensor Module

Fishing Community[ | ]

  • Medivac Injured Fisherman
  • Fishing Boat Fire
  • Transfer Fisherman
  • Retrieve Anchor A Fishing Boat Has An Emergency

Lighthouse[ | ]

  • Lighthouse Delivery
  • Rescue Maintenance Workers

Research Center[ | ]

  • Retrieve Research Drone
  • Lost Research Swimmer
  • Deliver Sensitive Equipment
  • Capture Seawater Sample
  • Observatory Fire
  • Transport Research Scientists
  • Retrieve Sunk Research Drone
  • Deliver Seismic Sensor
  • Rescue Research Submariner
  • Rescue Researchers From Seismic Event Fix Temperature Probe In The Ocean

Sea Fort Tours[ | ]

  • Sea Fort Generator Fire
  • Stranded Tourists

Skye Power Company[ | ]

  • Deliver Equipment to Power Station
  • Deliver Engineers to Wind Turbine
  • Store Nuclear Waste (Difficult)
  • Deliver Equipment to Wind Turbine
  • Wind Turbine Fire
  • Wind Farm Distress Call

Tutorial[ | ]

  • Tutorial Mission