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Multiplayer   [ edit page ]

Multiplayer Communities

Multiplayer Communities and severs can be found here: But please keep in mind that:

Multiplayer is not 100% perfect yet. Expect the following problems:

  • Less performance because the host has to simulate two worlds
  • bad performance and lags when the client’s or host’s ping is above ~70ms
  • desyncs when moving vehicles (this got better when all players are in the vehicles, but as soon as you watch vehicles from distance desyncs will appear)
  • sometimes when returning vehicles to workbench you can fall through the map (which can be fixed by respawning)
  • very rare: when respawning you go the white nowhere (no position on the map, cant move, see nothing. Fix: load the latest savegame ^^)

Stormworks utilizes the Steam friendlist to show you games of friends. Alternatively you can connect directly via public IP and port (default is 25565). In most cases, you will need to enter your routers settings and change your port forward options to enable communication between you and your friend's devices. There is also security software that may be a problem and may deny access.

A guide on how to port forward on most common routers can be found here:

In case you cannot access the settings of the router or forward ports, you can use programs like Hamachi.

Dedicated server

As of February 2020, Stormworks now supports hosting dedicated servers.

Server hosts

As well as hosting your own Stormworks server, you can also rent a server without the worry of performance. Here's a few reputable hosts to choose from:

  • LOW.MS Hosting
  • Zap hosting
  • FastCat Gaming Servers

Why can't my friend use the workbench?

After update 0.10.3-9, the host has to authorize other players to be able to spawn vehicles. This is a security measure to prevent griefing on public servers. In game, hold the ~ key (or the one above Tab) then check the number to the left of your friend's name. This is their id. Then use the following commands in the chat window (Enter to open) to authorize:

  • ?add_admin <id>
  • ?remove_admin <id>
  • ?add_auth <id>
  • ?remove_auth <id>