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Standards   [ edit page ]

The Standards are finished so far, the first vehicles on the workshop are already being labeled/certified!


Some players came together to define standards for different types of vehicles. The goal is simply to keep workshop items compatible. Some vehicle types do not have any standards or defining standards is just not useful.

Structure of standards

A Vehicle can meet multiple standards. A standard can be for a generic type (e.g. Air vehicle) or a more specific type (e.g. Helicopter). Each Standard has a version to help keep standards up to date, and to allow for future changes. Each standard can have additional and optional information like features and size. If you want to add these to your standard badge you must meet the specified rules. Typically the size is combined with one feature. Features vary from type to type but there are global features that every vehicle can have.


Every Standard has a little badge/label: Example Badge

This badge is an image that can be added to the steam workshop page of your vehicle. It will link to a webpage showing all the standards/rules that your vehicle fulfills. You can also include the Standard into the creations name. Example:

[LT1 t XL] Huge American Truck

The example badge would link to

How do I create that cool looking badge?

I ( CrazyFluffyPony) created a badge generator website:

Should you experience any problems with the page, feel free to contact me. (contact information on my user page).

Vehicle types

To see available standards/features, first choose a vehicle type:

Air (Standards for flying vehicles)

Land (Standards for driving vehicles)

Water (Standards for floating/underwater vehicles)

Other information

Standards for units

Standards for vehicle lighting

Standards for containers