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Helicopter   [ edit page ]

Helicopter hovering with a harness lowered to the ground on a winch.

Helicopters are extremely useful in missions. They are faster than ships, can change altitude and can hover, allowing them to provide direct access to otherwise inhospitable environments for rescue. For some missions you may need to land on water, so floating designs can also be quite helpful (Bouyancy).

Helicopters generate lift by spinning rotors. Since rotors are spinning wings they create lift similar to normal wings. More information on Wikipedia.

How to build a helicopter

Read Guides/Helicopters.

Some Fun Designs

Not only are helicopters fun to build and very versatile, they can be used in many different ways. If you turn your passenger area into a water tank, you now have a fire fighting helicopter. If you build a helicopter with a lot of power, you can put a winch on the bottom. With that winch, you can save people, or transport light vehicles!