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Train   [ edit page ]

Trains are good for cargo delivery because all terminals have a train track leading to them and some have train spawn points at them

The only special item trains use is the Train Wheel Assembly. It offers a brake and power input (Electric Motors or Engines of any kind).

Special rules for trains:

  • The maximum speed is limited by the traction your wheels have: the less weight or more wheel bases you have the better your traction is
  • when using more than 2 wheel bases you need to base the other ones on tracks to allow movement to the sides at rail switches
  • when your throttle is too high and your traction is not enough the wheels will start to slip. Try to lower your throttle a bit
  • The direction of rail switches can be changed at the red/green signal pole next to them (red toggle button)
  • Trains cannot be pulled out of the rails not because they are too heavy, but because the wheels are "glued" to the rails (not even a tsunami can do it!)
    • However, note that if a train's wheels are damaged due to a collision or attack, it is possible for a train to be derailed.
    • Without damage to the wheels, no amount of force can pull a train off of the tracks.
  • Trains can only be spawned at desired train terminals

Train Standards